Reconstruction in Mahen Library

Mahen Library in Brno is the largest public municipal library in Moravia and the second largest in the Czech Republic. Annually, enjoying up to 600 thousand of readers. The library offers to readers 800,000 books.

Our company implemented the modernization of a total of five spaces. In the children department we installed touch whiteboard SMART with ultrashort projector. The Great Hall we equipped the SMART podium, audio components and voting devices. So the Great Hall to become the venue for conferences and game nights. The Small Hall, we equipped the modern projector, an electric screen and high-quality audio system. Modernization of the Music Department held in the same direction.

The children’s department had undergone the most significant change. This department are equipped with modern interactive table. The tailor-made touch table has a 55-inch LCD screen with built powerful computer. We used our favorite touch foil as touch technology. Now the touch table is able to respond to an incredible 100 touches simultaneously. We also developed an interactive content tailored for the touch table. Look at page content quickly and cheaply.


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