We provide interactive solutions that will grab your attention.

Summary of interactive solutions

Modern education and presentation

Interactive touch technology delivers unexpected options of group cooperation and information sharing. Education has never been more attractive!

Access content quickly and cheaply

Interesting content is as important as the interactive device itself. Give the information that unmistakable quality.

Supply of components

We use only tried and tested components for our interactive solutions. Use these for your own projects too.

Solutions from made-to-measure projection technology

Thanks to modern projection technology you do not have to be limited by space wherever you wish to carry out your projection. Project anywhere you wish.

Efficient meetings

Work efficiency is in today’s fast environment the basis for success. Simplify and accelerate your meetings – group planning as well as creative work.

Easy orientation

For visitors to the shopping centers, ZOOs and other public areas to feel comfortable, they have to be able easily to orientate themselves. Help them to do so.

Digital advertising

A customer will not buy a product that he cannot see. Stay visible.

I want to make an impression

Technical gismos have the power to give interiors that futuristic feel. Surprise your business partners!

Software development

A unique solution requires unique software. Deal with your needs alongside fellow professionals.


For short-term projects or unexpected events the best solution is the hire of the technology. Take exactly what you require.


We will prepare a proposal on the basis of your ideas and tell you how best to present your content.

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